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Arthur Burton leaves the ship


Please join former Offshore Radio DJ and presenter Arthur Burton every Friday at 7pm UK/ 8pm Central European time on Radio Augusta International.

He features music from both sides of the pond, including many successful hits from the USA that had no airplay on UK and European radio and are a breath of fresh air that is a new discovery to most listeners in Europe.
Alongside this there are some great tracks and oldies from European and UK artists that will inspire your listening experience.

A presenter of some considerable experience going back to the 70's and a well known name on Land Based Pirate radio through much of that time, you will be pleasantly surprised if you tune in to Arthur B on Radio Augusta.

Along with the music, mentions, fun and information, there is a weekly quiz called "Smash the Intro" a sometimes difficult competition where you have to guess the song from just a very brief snippet.

There is more info. on Arthur Burton here at the Pirate Radio Hall of Fame

Please join him at the above time if you can, if you miss it, It's repeated at 9am UK time/ 10am CET on Monday, only on Radio Augusta. 

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